Andrea Stanislav

Half a Generation

An inverted sculpture of the Burj Khalifa (the world's tallest building) hand-made from over a mile of 3M reflective tape bejeweled with rhinestones. The sculpture fills a 4 story atrium/well and overhangs a multi mirrored reflector made of mirror polished steel and sandstone. The central "spire" of the sculpture hangs down 20 feet to the floor level, prompting the viewer to look into the reflector and experience the sculpture rising above them. The 3 lobed base plate of the sculpture was fabricated from the blueprints of the Burj and was made to scale. Two channel video (shot in the Emirates) 28 minutes in length plays at ground level on either side of the mirrored reflectors. The sculpture can be viewed from any of the multiple floors it traverses.

Half a Generation, 2011, mixed media, mirror polished steel, sandstone, two channel video, 30'x10'x10, McKnight Fellows Exhibition, MCAD, Minneapolis, MN (detail)

Half a Generation