Andrea Stanislav


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2011, Iowa limestone, mirror polished stainless steel, 8'x50'x70', gross weight 30 tons, Morningside College, Sioux City, IA, permanent public commission


A commissioned public sculpture consisting of 10 Iowa limestone elements that are faceted with mirror polished stainless steel. Arrayed in a triangular formation with the apex of the sculpture directed toward the campus green, the sculpture connects the campus arts center site with the larger campus. Viewers are invited to engage in a silent dialogue, mediated by light and reflection, to look into the reflective surfaces of the sculptures. The viewers psychologically and physically becomes part of the art work as they engage with it, creating a direct and intimate experience. The individual sculptures are created on a human scale, which encourages engagement with the sculptural forms that can lead to a contemplative experience of the artwork, the building and site, and all of their manifold interrelationships and levels of meaning.