Andrea Stanislav

Nightmare on the Neva

Nightmare on the Neva. 2014, public video work, Neva River/ Fontanka River. St. Petersburg, Russia.

Nightmare was an unexpected public video work that created the illusion of a white horse at night galloping on the Neva River past the (State) Hermitage Museum and also on the Fontanka River. The event was realized as a Manifesta 10 Parallel Project as part of the Puskinskaya-10 residency, July 25/26, 2014.

Nightmare as an artwork took full advantage of the incredible sight lines, vistas, and unparalleled history of St Petersburg, engaging the city by water in its totality as an urban and historic space on a scale that had never attempted by an artist. The artwork traversed 30 kilometers of waterways in St. Petersburg.

The public intervention/video art received coverage on 10 television stations, 3 radio outlets, and went national with Russian print media. In total, the artwork was covered by 60 + print media outlets. Thousands of people lined the embankments in St Petersburg to view the performance as late as 2 am. The artwork also has a social media/interactive element whereby viewers were asked to become participants in the work and in the exhibition of its documentation at Puskinskaya-10 by uploading their cell phone videos and photos to #spb nightmare within Instagram.

Piter TV
State TV and Radio Company "Saint-Petersburg"
NTV Russia
5 minute TV spot
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