Andrea Stanislav

1000 Kisses
mixed media, sound, video installation
14' x 60' x 30'
SoFA Gallery
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

This is an interactive sound and video installation. The installation consists of twenty-one nine-foot high mirrored obelisk sculptures arranged in a triangular format. Walking through the obelisks triggers the sound element, which bounces and reflects in parallel with the visitor's reflection on the mirrored surfaces. The visitor hears an original sound work consisting of mixed vocal text interviews and pop songs. The interview subjects recall their favorite memories through a pop song, a place and a person. The visitor is invited to kiss the mirrored obelisks. One thousand red lipsticks are provided. The visitor can keep the lipstick as a memento. As a result of the interaction, a red "horizon line" of lipstick prints accumulated on the mirrored surfaces.